CBSE Sessions

All CBSE sessions are in room A-1150.

11:00–12:30, Tuesday CBSE 1: Formal approaches

session chair: Jean-Guy Schneider


A Reconfigurable Component Model for HPC Vincent Lanore and Christian Pérez

Measuring the Superfluous Functionality in Software Components Marcus Kessel and Colin Atkinson

Change-Driven Consistency for Component Code, Architectural Models, and Contracts Max E. Kramer, Michael Langhammer, Dominik Messinger, Stephan Seifermann and Erik Burger

13:30–15:00, Tuesday CBSE 2: Wireless and real-time systems

session chair: Ralf Reussner


Refraction: low-cost management of reflective meta-data in pervasive component-based applications Wilfried Daniels, José Proença, Dave Clarke, Wouter Joosen and Danny Hughes

Real-time Multi-core Components for Cyber-physical Systems Michael Wahler, Manuel Oriol and Aurelien Monot

Hitch Hiker: a remote binding model with priority based data aggregation for wireless sensor networks Gowri Sankar Ramachandran, Wilfried Daniels, Jose Proenca, Sam Michiels, Wouter Joosen, Barry Porter and Danny Hughes

15:30–17:00, Tuesday CBSE 3: Component and composition

session chair: Nandi Chandrakana


Object-Oriented Component-based Design using Behavioral Contracts: Application to Railway Systems Sebti Mouelhi, Khalid Agrou, Samir Chouali and Hassan Mountassir

Employing Domain Knowledge for Optimizing Component Communication Michal Kit, Frantisek Plasil, Vladimir Matena, Tomas Bures and Ondrej Kovac

Architectural Abstractions for Hybrid Programs Ivan Ruchkin, Bradley Schmerl and David Garlan

11:00–12:30, Wednesday CBSE 4: Architecture and services

session chair: Clemens Szyperski


MatchBox: A Framework for Dynamic Configuration of Service Matching Processes Marie Christin Platenius, Svetlana Arifulina and Wilhelm Schäfer

A Component Model to Manage the Heterogeneity and Dynamism in Mobile Applications Clement Escoffier and Philippe Lalanda

13:30–15:00, Thursday CBSE 5: Model-based

session chair: Steffen Becker


Quantitative Schedulability Analysis of Continuous Probability Tasks in a Hierarchical Context Jalil Boudjadar, Alexandre David, Jin Hyun Kim, Kim Guldstrand Larsen, Marius Mikučionis, Arne Skou, Insup Lee, Linh Phan and Ulrik Nyman

Complete Composition Operators for ioco-Testing Theory Nikola Benes, Przemyslaw Daca, Thomas A. Henzinger, Jan Kretinsky and Dejan Nickovic

Stochastic Contracts for Runtime Checking of Component-based Real-time Systems Nandi Chandrakana, Aurelien Monot and Manuel Oriol